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That COVI(d)Life Conversation Series

"That COVI(d)Life" (pronounced co-vee), a newly launched Colors of COVID conversation series highlighting Philadelphia Communities of Color who are impacted by the pandemic, sharing their experiences through the Colors of COVID platform, and bringing awareness to the challenges and opportunities that communities of color face; and provide access to resources to support them.

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Kids, COVID, and Mental Well-Being
That Covi(d) Life: Lessons Learned from the Frontlines
That COVI(d) Life: Evaluating the Challenges Facing Caregivers Amid COVID-19
That COVI(D) Life: We Thrive, in Spite of COVID19 – HYBRID
COVID LIFE: Philadelphia Black Owned Restaurants and Chefs Sustainability
COVI(d)LIFE: But Who’s Supporting Philly Black Arts and Culture?
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